3 Reasons to Choose Local for Your Best Friend

3 Reasons to Choose Local for Your Best Friend

Whether you have a backyard full of horses or your bed is overrun with dogs and cats every evening, you want the absolute best for your best friend. You go above and beyond for your pets at home because they’re part of the family. According to American Pet Products, Americans spent $66.75 billion on pet needs in 2016, including food, vet care, boarding, and grooming. That is roughly around $1,641 for one dog per household.

But when it comes to providing for them, are you shopping at a store that’s as pet-friendly as your home? In recent years, more and more national pet stores have popped up around the country and online. These chains boast massive big-box inventories at seemingly unbeatable prices, but they could be costing your pet and your family more in the long run because of what they lack. Although they churn out sales, these chains fall short when it comes to quality and support for your best friend.

  1. Unique and Quality Products

Your local pet store has unique products you can’t find just anywhere. From higher quality foods and treats to the cutest themed collars and leashes, the locals have the best selection for you. Even if that selection is smaller than a big-box chain superstore, the selection you find at a local pet store is hand-picked just for you. You won’t have to worry about seeing another dog at the dog park wearing the same collar – the horror!

  1. Expert Advice

The staff at local pet stores are trained to know the products. They’re educated on every product they sell and what makes it unique from all the others in their store and elsewhere. They can help you with almost any problem because they know their stuff and they love their job.

  1. Personal Service

Your local pet stores and groomers are the ones who are going to remember your best friend by name and treat them like their own. They know exactly what food you prefer, the way you prefer their hair cut, and that your German Shepherd is allowed only two treats at the check-out counter when he begs for all of them. You and your pet mean the world to their store and they show it.

“At independent pet stores like ours, you find quality hand selected products, as well as, knowledgeable associates who are continuously educated on these products in order to provide the best possible shopping experience for our customers,” said Denise Clarke, owner of Care-A-Lot Pet Supply. We know Independents are the way to go for ourselves, but let’s make sure we’re choosing local for our best friends. They deserve the best!

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