3 Simple Resolutions You Can Make and Keep This Year

3 Simple Resolutions You Can Make and Keep This Year

Ringing in a new year inevitably leads to self-reflection; we look back at the past year to see where we can make improvements and how we can do better. We all desire to give back, be healthier, and have better relationships. But we don't always have solid plans or steps to achieve those goals. Well, we might be able to help you there. We have 3 simple resolutions you can make that will help, in those key areas of your life. Bonus – these are resolutions you’ll want to keep in 2018.

Spend 10% More Locally

Spending 10% of your money to local businesses will greatly help your local economy. Locals return 3x more money to the community than big boxes and chain stores. We have a fun calculator that will show you the direct impact to your area if everyone spent $100 locally for Valentine’s Day (don't forget - it's right around the corner). When more money is staying in your community everyone benefits. Local first responders can afford new equipment, roads and intersections can be improved at a quicker pace, schools can invest in better technology and teacher pay raises, plus there’s more money going to local non-profits. Everyone wins!

Visit More Farmer’s Markets

Shopping at your local farmer’s markets isn’t just a lot of fun, it’ll keep you healthy. Once harvested, produce quickly loses nutrients. Since local produce is sold right after it’s picked the fruits and veggies you find at a farmer’s market retains more nutrients than what you’ll find at a chain grocery store. As food travels across the country to big boxes the sugars turn to starches, plant cells shrink, and the produce loses its flavor. And let’s be real, local food just tastes better. By buying locally you’re receiving the freshest possible meats and produce caught or picked just hours before.

Get to Know Your Local Store Owners

Spend five extra minutes at your favorite local spots getting to know the owners. Ask why they started their business or what their favorite part of owning their store is. You’ll build a relationship with them and maybe they’ll inspire you in some way. When you know more about them you’ll be a better advocate for them. You’ll have more of a reason to suggest others go there as well.

Have you solidified your New Year's Resolutions yet? If not, consider these three resolutions that will help you give back to your local community, be healthier and have better relationships with those in your neighborhood. Good luck! Let us know at the end of the year how committed you were to your resolutions.

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