3 Social Media Tips for Your Independent Business

3 Social Media Tips for Your Independent Business

by Charles Barr, co-founder of LVRG

Social media is no longer strictly for personal use, if it ever was in the first place. It has become an increasingly important and effective marketing tool that is simply too good to ignore. In fact, independent businesses that aren’t using social media or are using it ineffectively are doing themselves a great disservice. You may have heard this advice a thousand times, and there is definitely a reason for it. Here is some helpful advice about social media for indie business owners that you don’t want to ignore.

  1. If your independent business isn’t on social media, your reputation is suffering

The internet is the place where a large portion of consumers go when they want to know about a product or brand, and one of the most popular resources they will seek is social media. Not only will they be looking to see what other people on these sites are saying about you, but they are also looking to see what you have to say as the indie business owner. If your independent business doesn’t have any social media presence, this will cause them to doubt your credibility and value.

  1. Not all social media sites are created equal

There is a large and ever-growing number of social media platforms on which people are reaching out and interacting, and it’s virtually impossible to be an active part of them all. The good news is that you don’t have to. What use is a social media site to your independent business if your target customer isn’t on it?

Instead of joining them all and hoping you’re reaching someone, find out where your target consumers are participating in conversations and go there. It’s okay if this means you’re only on one or two social media sites, because you’ll be present where it counts.

  1. Get inspired by competing indie business owners on social media

Social media posting is an art, and it takes practice. At first you will probably have no idea what you are doing, and that’s okay. If you don’t know what kind of content is useful for your independent business and your customers, don’t be afraid to look at what your competitors are doing. Of course, you don’t want to outright copy or steal, but there’s nothing wrong with following successful examples that other indie business owners set before you.

LVRG has plenty more helpful tips and information where this came from, so visit their site to learn and find what it takes to grow your business.

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