5 Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Give Mom from a Local Business

5 Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Give Mom from a Local Business

This Mother’s Day, the best gift for Mom does more than show her you care. It also shows her what you learned from her. She taught you to be kind to others and to make the world a better place. More than a short-lived bouquet from the chain superstore, you can show Mom you took her lessons to heart with a thoughtful gift from a local business.

Locally owned businesses support the community by creating jobs, giving back to local causes and reducing the community’s carbon footprint. When you buy local, you help them provide these important economic and social impacts. When you gift local, you help spread the word so others can do the same.

As you prepare for Mother’s Day, find the perfect gift with an important message at a local business. Your options may surprise you, as local businesses tend to offer unique inventories and personalized experiences.

Blossoming Bouquet

Flowers are a go-to Mother’s Day gift, but not all bouquets are created equally. Large, online florist services can be unreliable: They often deliver late or show up with a different bouquet than you thought you ordered. In fact, they sometimes outsource their arrangements to locally owned florists without giving the local florist any discretion over the flowers used or the price paid. The result is an overpriced, lackluster bouquet that may not last any longer than Mother’s Day. Give Mom the best by working directly with the local florist, who can recommend flowers for any budget based on seasonality and local inventory.

Dinner for Two

If you’re treating Mom to a nice dinner, brunch or dessert on Mother’s Day, make sure it’s local. She can get a chain restaurant meal anywhere with anyone, but you can introduce her to a unique, local spot that she’ll remember for Mother’s Days to come. If you need inspiration, check out this list of popular local restaurants in cities across the country.

Make a Meal

Fresh, locally grown ingredients taste great at home, too. Treat Mom to the family recipe she passed down to you or create a new recipe for the two of you to share. This time of year, farmers markets have fresh, spring produce that will complement whatever recipe you choose. Plus, local ingredients come from your community. They’re grown by your neighbors on land you may drive past on a regular basis. That’s the sort of experience you and Mom can talk about over dinner.

Something Sweet

Follow up a memorable meal with a sweet treat from a local bakery. Local bakeries offer the homemade taste of classic flavors and the unique flair of innovative concoctions. Whether her sweet tooth calls for a pie or a cupcake, treat Mom to a dessert like those offered at these local favorites.

Local Libation

A true Mother’s Day celebration calls for a toast to Mom. Toast local with a regional wine or local microbrew. An increasingly popular commodity in recent years, local drinks give any celebration a more meaningful impact. They are reflective of the local or regional environment and the creative people who make them.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Mom, make her day more special this year with a local touch. To find local businesses near you, check out the Independent We Stand Locals Only business search. Your mom and your community will thank you.

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