5 SMB Platforms to Monitor Local Competitors

5 SMB Platforms to Monitor Local Competitors

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By: Stephanie Miles

Outright spying on the competition may be somewhat frowned upon in the business community, but getting access to inside information about the deals that neighboring establishments are running is oftentimes necessary for SMBs looking to maintain a competitive edge.

Nearly 80% of companies (of all sizes) are now using social media to track competitors, however today’s top competitive intelligence platforms give SMBs a way to go far beyond tracking keywords and mentions. These hyperlocal tools give merchants and service providers a way to identify the most important players in their local markets and analyze which of those businesses’ marketing strategies is producing the greatest returns. Here are five platforms that SMBs can use to monitor the local competition.

Perch App1. Perch: Business intelligence for local SMBs.
Perch provides a way for small business owners to access all types of publicly available information about their competitors, without having to “like” them online. Businesses enter the names of any competitors they’re watching, and Perch brings back a stream of information about the daily deals and check-in specials those merchants are running. Perch also helps users find competitive websites and social media profiles, and offers a “Watchlist” feature that SMBs can use to receive real-time updates when their competitors are on the move. Businesses can download the Perch mobile app for free.

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