7 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Small Business

7 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Small Business

Source: Huffington Post

By: Melinda Emerson

You worked hard putting together a marketing plan to spread the word about your small business -- to drive customers to your door. The next task is to figure out how to get them to return again and again. In some businesses, you can predict a buying pattern. For instance, office cleaning services, beauty salons or payroll services can generally map out a schedule of when customers will need to come in for their next product or service. To create a strong customer relationship, ongoing outreach and engagement will bring them back for more. Here are 7 ways to keep customers coming back to your small business.

Be easy to do business with. When you respond quickly to your customer's needs, they will notice. Make sure that you check your email and voicemail regularly. Try to respond within two hours of any contact from your top customer. Provide key contacts with your direct cell phone and office number in case of any major concern. Make your customers aware of any process, product or technology upgrade that will help them improve their operations, make more money or become more competitive.

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