A New Market for Local Office Supplies

A New Market for Local Office Supplies

Since 1977, Independent Stationers has provided a local solution to big box office supply. Now, an innovative and competitive contract with ChamberSolutions paves the way for new local-business markets in communities across the country.

Based in Indianapolis, Independent Stationers is an office supply cooperative that sells its products through locally owned, independent dealers. What has set the company apart in the industry is this undying commitment to its network of independent dealer members. With more than 300 of these dealers throughout the United States and the Caribbean, Independent Stationers gives consumers a place to shop local for high-quality office products, including school supplies, office furniture, office machines and more.

In July, Independent Stationers announced a revolutionary contract with ChamberSolutions, a multi-dimensional enterprise dedicated to improving the operations, management, and bottom-line of chambers of commerce and business associations.The contract will give Independent Stationers’ local dealers the opportunity to supply the chambers of commerce and business associations in their community through ChamberSolutions’ MyOfficeStore program.

The relationship between ChamberSolutions and Independent Stationers is sure to benefit both the local associations and the independent office supply dealers, as well as the communities in which they operate.Local chambers of commerce will have access to a vast network of top-notch office products from locally owned businesses, while the locally owned dealers will have a new demand and decreased competition from big box stores like OfficeMax, which previously held a contract with ChamberSolutions.Local communities will experience all of the strong economic benefits that come from a vibrant ‘buy local’ marketplace, including increased reinvestment, marketplace diversity, and stable local employment.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with ChamberSolutions and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship,” said Scott Zintz, Independent Stationers national account business development manager.“This agreement gives Independent Stationers office supply dealers an aggressive contract to offer their local chamber of commerce, whose affinity programs have long been dominated by the big box retailers.”

Simarly, ChamberSolutions sees the new contract as an attractive and community-conscious opportunity for its network of members. “We are very excited to offer this industry changing program to the chamber of commerce community”, said Kenn Penn, president & CEO of ChamberSolutions.  “Through ChamberSolution’s MyOfficeStore program COC’s can provide community based solutions in the field of office products – and ensure that “buy local” is a competitive and attractive offering.  MyOfficeStore provides a truly unique opportunity for COCs and their members to get the best solutions across the board: ultra competitive pricing on office products, unmatched and exceptional locally based service, and the opportunity to keep spend truly local.”

In an increasingly homogenized world, contracts like this preserve the innovative and diverse communities created by locally owned independent businesses.By bringing ‘buy local’ options to chambers of commerce and business associations across the nation, the relationship between Independent Stationers and ChamberSolutions reinforces the mission, vision, and goals of the growing localization movement.

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