All American Do it Center Shares Its All-American Success Through Giving

All American Do it Center Shares Its All-American Success Through Giving

By Alex Gladu, Writer, Independent We Stand

There’s something quintessentially American about Brian Buswell’s All American Do it Centers in western Wisconsin – and it’s not just the name. It’s the story of Buswell’s small business success, the way that he talks about it and what he chooses to do with it.

Buswell launched his business at the ripe age of 24 years old, shortly after graduating from college. For him, starting a business wasn’t as much as choice as it was a calling. “That’s what I was meant to do,” he says, “to own my own business.” Buswell got a job at a lumber yard, but quickly found a small lumber yard nearby that needed a new owner. With generous help from his parents, who risked their recently paid-off mortgage to finance the business, Buswell was able to get things off the ground. “At the time, I didn’t think that was a big deal,” Buswell says. “But now I look back, and that probably represented 80 percent of my parents’ net worth.”

When Buswell first started, he was one of two full-time employees at the lumber yard and hardware store. “We started with nothing,” he says. He didn’t take a salary for seven years. Now, All American Do it Center has grown to three locations and employs more than 100 people, including two of Buswell’s sons.

“It’s not me,” Buswell offers when asked about his success. “It’s a group effort.”

Now, Buswell offers advice for aspiring small business owners and material support to those in need. “Find a business that you can be passionate about, one that you can pour your heart and soul into,” he encourages aspiring entrepreneurs. Truly, Buswell is a testament to the success that passion and hard work can yield.

All American Do it Center supports a wide range of causes, including the Future Farmers of America, the local Lions Club and the Boys and Girls Club. In giving back, Buswell not only sets an example for others in his community, but he also proves the value of his business and earns the support of locals, something that he’s very concerned with.

“Local businesses have a duty to earn the support of customers,” he says. “It shouldn’t just come automatically.”

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