Keep It Querque Helps New Mexico Businesses Stand Out

Keep It Querque Helps New Mexico Businesses Stand Out

By Alex Gladu, Independent We Stand

Keep It Querque may have been modeled on a similar business alliance in a different city, but now it’s all about being unique. The buy local group in Albuquerque, New Mexico, represents locally owned businesses throughout the community, working to distinguish them from the all-too-common big-box and chain stores nearby. To do so, Keep It Querque encourages diversity and highlights Albuquerque’s unique character.

In 2003, a group of passionate local business owners in the Albuquerque metro area got together to turn notes on cocktail napkins into a strategic plan and a legitimate organization. Inspired by the work of an independent business alliance in a city not too far away, and they saw a need for that sort of local business support in their own community. By 2004, Keep It Querque, originally founded as the Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance, had officially launched its first membership directory for locally owned businesses.

Today, Keep It Querque remains a unifying force for businesses in New Mexico’s largest city. By uniting local businesses and dedicated volunteers to work together, Keep It Querque helps its members stand out from the crowded market. For instance, the alliance promotes its members on social media and in its online directory. It also offers members an online advertising program, which members can use to create a more robust listing in the online business directory or to create a mobile-optimized website.

Keep It Querque also works to give back to the buy local movement on a national scale. The group participates in the Institute for Local Self Reliance and the American Independent Business Alliance’s annual local business survey, which reports on the status of small businesses and the buy local groups that support them. Keep It Querque promotes the survey and encourages its member businesses to provide the information that the survey calls for.

Albuquerque businesses have a strong and energetically in Keep It Querque. The group helps local businesses stand out through a coordinated effort that focuses on online advertising, networking and connecting with national buy local groups. Find out more about Keep It Querque at

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