What Can Make Your Labor Day BBQ a Hit?

Use locally sourced produce and meats. Its better for the local economy. Its better for the environment. Its better for you.  And it just plain tastes better. We have thousands of farmers markets in our database. To find one near you just  click here. Hey, and please try and save some of the sweet corn for us.

Small, Local Businesses Speed Income Growth

Researchers at Penn State University have found that smaller, locally-owned businesses are better for growing incomes in a county than the presence of larger companies or big box stores owned outside the county.

Top Seven Mistakes Businesses Make Filing Insurance Claims.

Now that Hurricane Irene is done pummeling the Eastern Seaboard, affected business owners will move on to the next phase: trying to figure out if insurance will cover their losses. In the chaos that follows a natural disaster, mistakes can be made that may delay insurance reimbursement, or mean your insurance won’t pay at all.

There’s a New Toolbox in Town:

Even the smallest home renovation project can seem like a daunting task when planning to do it yourself. Not all of us are home repair savvy, but thanks to the North American Hardware Retailer’s Association’s new website,, we don’t have to be. Experts from more than 36,000 independent hardware retailers, lumber yards, and home centers across the nation have compiled their knowledge into a website that will help you answer any question you could have about “do it yourself” projects.

Sun Glow’s Customer Referrals Keep Business Thriving.

Sun Glow Inc. has been a local’s choice for heating and air conditioning in Portland, Ore. for more than 35 years. Thanks to the hard work owner David Golobay has been putting in to the business for years, this two-generation family owned business is still going strong.

Nursery loses fight to stay in business.

The trend is striking independent plant nurseries like caterpillars on cabbage: A combination of lingering recession, pressure from big box stores and back-to-back wet springs has swept countless small nurseries into a sea of debt the last four years.

What Local Really Means to Your Grocery Store.

This winter, Wal-Mart announced their plans to bring more local produce to their stores across the United States. The announcement is perhaps one of the most visible indications that the local foods movement has hit the mainstream, as it gains followers for both economic and environmental reasons.

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