The Bike Store Guys (& Gals).

Who doesn’t love small, independent bike shops (other than big, corporate bike shop chains, that is…)? But for those of us who travel or move around a lot (and I think that’s most people these days), it can be hard to find such bike shops in new cities (ok, not that hard, but not always that easy either).

Ten Small Businesses Catering to Students.

The end of summer may bring groans from students, but small businesses catering to this market are looking forward to back-to-school season. Back-to-school spending, including sales on electronics and computer equipment, school supplies, shoes and clothes, is expected to rise 2.6% this year after spending declines the past two years, according to IBISWorld.

9,450 restaurants closed in U.S. last year.

There are 9,450 fewer restaurants in the U.S. than there were last year, according to a report released Tuesday. Of those, 8,650 were independent restaurants, which took their steepest dive since market research company The NPD Group began its tally in 2001.

You Can Buy E-Books and Still Buy Local.

Indie bookstore customers no longer have to choose between reading digital and supporting their local bookstore – Lake Forest Book Store is now selling Google eBooks™ online at

6 Google+ Myths Debunked

For those of you who haven’t heard, Google has introduced another new social network, called Google+.

FITniche - "Stay Focused on Service"

Rich Mills of FITniche discusses how his small businesses competes with National Chains. Thanks Rich, the FITniche staff and the Independent Running Retailer Association for helping make this video possible.

Independent drug stores rank high in survey.

Calk one up for the little guy. Consumer Reports’ latest drugstore study affirms that the top-rated walk-in stores are neighborhood independents, not giant chains. Read more…

TailsSpin- Where Healthy Pets Eat

When Jeff Manley and Jusak Bernhard left the Hollywood entertainment scene to be with family in Savannah, Ga. five years ago, they couldn’t find a store that sold allergy-free dog food for Kai, their first rescued mixed-breed canine. It was then they realized they could serve the Savannah area by providing better food for dogs and cats, specializing in allergy-free formula food that contains no corn, wheat or soy.

Independent We Stand
Independent We Stand Independent We Stand