From Ashes to Award Winning: A Father/Son Success Story

When Marty Bursky’s entrepreneurial fever took hold in the early 1990’s and he decided to open a lighting company, he had a certain vision in mind of what his store would look like. Cleveland Lighting kept in line with his vision for almost 15 years, until a fire destroyed the entire showroom. Although the fire devastated Marty’s showroom, Marty and his new business partner, his son Matt, decided to turn their misfortune into opportunity. The building that contained only ashes and rubble two years ago is now an award winning lighting showroom that houses more than 2,000 light fixtures from across the globe.

My First C.S.A.

By Jamaliya Cobine – Huffington Post 6.9.2011 My refrigerator is full of vegetables… If you asked me a couple of years ago if I would pay a sizable lump sum for a weekly random selection of vegetables I would have said no.  When you take the granola, go-green, buy-local message out, a C.S.A Share (Community Supported Agriculture Share) is just that. Read more…

Roscoe Village Bikes “Rides the Independent Roads”

Although Alex and Lesley Tweedie, high school sweethearts and owners of Roscoe Village Bikes, are dependent on each other, they are firm believers in buying and selling independent. Their relationship, which began in 1996, has spawned an independent bike shop, a shop dog, Buddy, who has his own charity, and an online marketplace for independent retailers.

Promoting Your Small Business Blog

Many people start blogs—whether for personal or business reasons—and then wonder: Why is no one reading it? Even executives at Fortune 500 companies with massive resources can publish blog posts that go essentially unread. And it happens for a number of reasons: poor content, lack of frequency, not knowing the audience, and so on. However, the most basic reason no one is reading your blog is this: nobody knows it…read more →

Farmers Are Rock Stars!

Our newest video features Travis Grimes of Husk Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina as he talks about the importance of local food.

The Mower Shop Uses Expert Knowledge and Community Service”

Local businesses may wonder how they can compete with big box stores – they have larger budgets, longer hours and more advertising. For The Mower Shop owner, Brian Humbert, the answer is simple: local businesses have more knowledge of their products, better service and customer support. Big box stores may have an impact, but “we’ve certainly found out, through the years, that we can compete,” said Humbert. And their ability to compete helps boost their local economy.

Father's Day Spending to Reach $11.1B

The Washington-based association says Americans will spend an average of $106.49 on Father’s Day gifts this year, up from $94.32 in 2010, and the highest in the eight years the survey has been conducted.

Independent We Stand
Independent We Stand Independent We Stand