How Much More Impact Do Local Retailers Have?

“Thinking Outside the Box” is a groundbreaking 2009 study conducted by The Urban Conservancy and Civic Economics which shows that compared to leading chain competitors, local New Orleans retailers generate twice the annual sales, recirculate revenues within the local economy at twice the rate, and on a per square foot basis, have four times the economic impact

5 Tips for Group Deal Success

Many small business owners have considered offering a group deal, but only 10 percent have run one, according to recent research from MerchantCircle.

The Economic Benefits of Buying Local.

How much money did you spend at a local, independent business this week? Books from a used book shop instead of Amazon? Fruit from a farmer’s market instead of a grocery chain? Perhaps you hired a local handyman to fix that leak in your sink.

Superior Woodcraft - Exceeding Expectations

Superior Woodcraft, a handcrafted custom cabinetry manufacturer based out of Doylestown, Penn., is known for two things: their exquisite cabinets and their activism in their community. Because they are an independent company, Superior Woodcraft is able to provide unparalleled service to their clients and return a majority of their revenue back to the community. Superior Woodcraft Vice President, Patrick Kennedy, an avid buy-local activist, is in the midst of several projects to promote buying from independent retailers.

Bistro AIX - "Why Buy Local."

Sarah Marie Johnston and Chef Tom Gray of Bistro AIX in Jacksonville, Florida talk about the reasons to buy local. Special thanks to Sarah Marie, Chef Tom and GOLo Jacksonville for helping make this video possible.

The Real Reason Customers Want to "Buy Local"

Talia Wunder had a career in accounting before opening a retail store full of local-only products in Santa Paula, California, in May 2011. Since Wunder is a former bean counter, I figured she would be the right person to ask about how much her local-only angle has helped her bottom line.

Independent We Stand
Independent We Stand Independent We Stand