Our Newest Video "Neighbors"

It is an excellent example of the great lengths that locally owned businesses will go to keep their customers….and their neighbors coming back.

How to get involved with Independent We Stand.

Focus on Landscapers January 2011, Volume 7, No. 1 Visit to sign your locally owned business up for the movement, where it will appear in our searchable national database. Read more…

Vermont Alliance of Independent Country Stores

Few things say “buy local” like a country store in Vermont. Vermont is home to 250+ country stores and many of these have been around for years. They are usually family run operations and it is not uncommon to see several generations of family members help run the stores. These are exactly the types of business that Independent We Stand wants to recognize and help support.  The Vermont Alliance of…read more →

Economics of Happiness Drives Home Importance of Local

Why buy local? Its good for the economy. Its good for the community. Its good for the environment. And….it can make you happier. The Economics of Happiness is a new movie that really drives the home the importance of “localization.”

New National Movement Champions Shopping Locally.

Entrepreneur & Self-Employed Business Journal 01.03.2011 Local businesses across the country now have a new champion in the form of Independent We Stand, a national movement of independent business owners educating their communities on the benefits of shopping at local stores. Read more…

This holiday menu is very Virginia Beach.

The Beacon 12.26.10 ALMOST 404 years ago, English ships dropped anchor off the Virginia coast following a months-long journey; it would be the first stop for the Colonists, who later made their way past Cape Henry and up the James River to settle Jamestown. Read more…

Download and use free IWS marketing materials.

That’s right. We’ve developed marketing materials to help you help us spread the word on the importance and benefits of “buying local.”  They include a series of posters and flyers. We even have an IWS Badge you can post on your website and a support banner to add to your e-mail signature. And the best part…they are free of charge. Download here…

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