Survey Shows Sales Increase for Indie Business

Older post that is worth another read by our friends at the American Booksellers Association that talks about the effect “Buy Local” campaigns had on last year’s holiday sales. Read more…

Looking for a unique local holiday gift?

If you really want to make an impression this holiday, buy that someone special a unique gift that will be never found in a big box or mega retailer. Something that will be cherished and admired for generations to come.  Something that was made in your community. Something that you can easily find with the help of On CustomMade  you will find unique holiday gifts in every price range…read more →

The Power Behind Independent We Stand.

STIHL Inc., the #1 selling brand of handheld outdoor power equipment in the U.S.,** provided the initial funding for Independent We Stand. Why? Because STIHL has only sold its products through independently owned servicing dealers in the U.S. for almost 40 years. In fact, STIHL made “Buy Local” part of its sales strategy long before it became the popular movement that it is today, and still supports it enthusiastically. It…read more →

An Independent Christmas

Deep down, we all know that “buying American” makes a far greater impact on the economy than the purchase of foreign-made goods. Equally important is where the goods are bought. The evidence is clear that shopping at locally-based, independent outlets makes a much bigger contribution to economic development than buying at national or global retail chains. Read more…

Need a Gift to Wow? Try an Indie Merchant

Wall Street Journal 12.1.10 Inside Limelight Marketplace in New York, the holiday decorations are up. Big silver bulbs hang from the ceiling. The shops are open – and waiting for business. The scene could be the same at many a mall across America, except the retailers in Limelight aren’t the usual national chains or big-box stores. Read more…

This holiday season give the gift of "local."

Whether its a paperback edition of  Elizabeth Gilbert’s  “Eat, Pray, Love” at Carmichael’s Bookstore in Louisville; or a vinyl copy of Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” at Twist and Shout Records in Denver; or a STIHL cordless hedge trimmer at Land and Coates in Virginia Beach – this holiday give the gift of local. It is better for your local economy. It is better for your local community. And, it…read more →

IWS seeks to aid indie businesses for holidays.

With the holidays approaching, the national movement Independent We Stand is encouraging consumers to buy local to help their community and the economy. The movement includes an extensive group of independent business owners that have initiated an effort to educate communities on the benefits of shopping at local stores. Read more…

On Black Friday, go "local" instead. 11.22.2010 For many Americans, Black Friday has come to epitomize all that’s gone wrong with this season of gift-giving and the long hours we’ll spend in the coming weeks negotiating traffic jams, crowds, and the endless aisles of big-box stores. Read more…

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