IWS "Locals Only" Road Trip

Wow! What a trip. Five cities in five days. 1,600+ miles. 14 – 16 hour days. Raleigh. Charleston, Savannah. Jacksonville. Tampa/St. Petersburg. And would do it all again in a heart beat.

How to Compete with Big Boxes

Brian Humbert, owner of The Mower Shop in Louisville KY, explains how they’ve succeeded in the shadows of the big box hardware stores.

Independent We Stand Road Trip

Independent We Stand announced today its plans for a road trip through the Southeast U.S. to interview and film independent, local business owners on the economic benefits they bring to their communities and the importance of shopping locally.

Don't be a loser - buy local for Valentine's Day!

This Valentine’s Day, the average person will spend $126.03 on presents like cards, flowers, lingerie or dinner, for a total of more than $17.6 billion on gifts nationwide.* If each person spent that $126.03 at a locally owned independent business rather than in a national chain, $86 would stay in their community thanks to local payrolls and taxes. More than $9.89 billion would be reinvested in local communities throughout the…read more →

Top Ten Reasons to Register Your Business

If you run a locally owned, independent business, Independent We Stand is here to help. A movement dedicated to promoting the importance of buying from local businesses, more than 19,500 consumers and business owners have joined the cause since September 2010. Here are 10 ways to maximize our assistance once you register your business at 1. Receive a free listing on the Independent We Stand online business locator We…read more →

Take Pledge Because to Change Your Community!

Help us reach 20,000 supporters by taking the IWS pledge to shop local.  Then ask your friends and family to do the same! This movement is on a roll and together we can make a difference! Click here and help us spread the word.

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