Business Spotlight: March 2011

In Louisville, whether you joined the band at your high school or you’re starting a band in your garage, Mom’s Music has long been the place to go for gear, lessons, and all other things music-related.

For a quarter century, Mom’s Music has been an integral part of the music scene in Louisville. The family-owned and -operated business offers music lesson of all sorts and sells, rents and repairs musical instruments. It also sells and rents sound equipment and sound systems for bands and events, offers space for bands to practice, has an on-site music studio, and more.

As the owner and operator of a dynamic independent business, Mom’s Music owner Max Maxwell understands the importance – and the challenges – of maintaining a thriving, locally based economy.

“We don’t just sell guitars and drums,” said Maxwell. “It’s great to sell guitars and drums because that keeps money coming through the doors so it can go back out the door, because that’s all it really does with a small business. But it’s more about the relationship for us.”

While the business is family-owned, one of the keys to success for Mom’s Music has been to treat everyone, from employees to customers, like family. “We have employees that have been working here for 20 years, and they realize that it’s more than just selling somebody their first recording studio microphone or their first cymbals,” said Maxwell. “Once again it goes back to the relationship part of things.”

To that end, providing music lessons is also a big part of the store’s success. Mom’s Music offers traditional one-on-one lessons as well as RockSchool, Weekend Warrior and other innovative, dynamic programs. The connections and friendships established through the teaching and mutual love of music create strong, lasting bonds and allegiances that are at the heart of what Mom’s Music is all about.

Rock on, Mom’s Music. Your continued success as an independent retailer is music to our ears.

Mom's Music

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