The Buy Local Difference & What It Means For Your Pets

The Buy Local Difference & What It Means For Your Pets

By Steve Lane, Owner Of Steve's Pets

Whether you have a backyard full of hounds or an aquarium full of fish, you want the absolute best for your pets. You go above and beyond for them at home because they’re part of the family. But when it comes to providing for them, are you shopping at a store that’s as pet-friendly as your home?

In recent years, more and more national pet stores have popped up around the country. These chains boast massive big-box inventories at seemingly unbeatable prices, but they could be costing your pet and your family more in the long run because of what they lack. Although they churn out sales quickly and efficiently, these chains fall short when it comes to support.

Locally owned pet stores offer you and your pet the specialized knowledge you need at the times you need it most. When you’re looking to add a new furry friend to the family, they have all the expertise and knowledge you need to help you find the right companion and learn how to take care of him. As your pet grows, the same experts will be there to suggest new toys, snacks and supplies every step of the way.

Local pet stores offer superior support because the people behind them are genuinely passionate about pets. They are willing to invest in the extra staff and resources needed to care for live animals, ensuring that your pet will go from a loving store to a loving home. They are dedicated to educating pet owners of all ages, so that even the youngest members of your family can take care of Fido. While the national chain stores are busy crunching numbers and meeting sales goals, the locally owned pet stores in your community are working hard to answer your questions and care for the animals that need a home.

When you’re trying to decide between the cocker spaniel and the poodle, the organic dog food and the multivitamin dog food, or the retractable leash and the rope leash, trust the experts at a locally owned pet store. While you’re there, ask about the best dog parks in town and let your kids learn how to teach your pup a new trick. Don’t shop just anywhere for your pet. Shop at a local pet store with all the supplies and support you need in one place, at one time. Search for a locally owned pet store in your area with our 'Locals Only' search engine or mobile app.


About the Author

Steve Lane and his wife Ellyn have been running Steve's Wonderful world of Pets, in Williamsville NY, since 1991. Steve is a certified Animal Companion Specialist while Ellyn is a licensed Veterinary technician. Recognized as a leader in the pet industry, Steve's Pets has a reputation that far exceeds their local neighborhood. They are passionate about animal care and set the standard for proper animal husbandry.

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