Buy Local on National Dog Day

Buy Local on National Dog Day

On August 26, celebrate the furry friends in your life with National Dog Day. This annual occasion encourages Americans to adopt from and support local animal shelters. True dog lovers rarely need an official occasion to celebrate their precious pups, but National Dog Day is also a good excuse to show some love to your local community.

National Dog Day began in 2004, when animal lover Colleen Paige chose the day to honor the adoption of her childhood dog, Sheltie. Now, it’s an annual celebration that reminds Americans of the value that dogs bring to everyday life. From guiding the blind to cuddling on cold days, dogs keep their owners safe, happy and fulfilled.

To celebrate National Dog Day, dog owners can look to another valuable creature – the local business community. The official National Dog Day website encourages dog lovers to adopt from or donate to their local animal shelters, rather than finding a new dog online or at a chain pet store. For the dogs you already own, consider celebrating National Dog Day by picking up a new toy or treat at a locally owned pet supplies store. Unlike chain and big-box retailers, locally owned stores reinvest in the local community. They may also have unique products that you can’t find elsewhere. Their expert staff can introduce you to these new products and help you find the very best supplies for your pet.

If you’re not in the market for a new pet or a new toy, you can still celebrate National Dog Day with your local community. Take your pup to play at the local dog park, for a hike on a local trail or for a walk down Main Street. You can spend quality time with your dog and get to know your community at the same time.

No matter how you celebrate National Dog Day, make sure to focus on the things that make your life more vibrant: your furry friend and the local community. For more information about National Dog Day, visit

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