Celebrate Earth Day The Local Way

Celebrate Earth Day The Local Way

Cathy Kumar is the owner and operator of Southwest Green Building Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Based on her knowledge and experience in owning an environmentally focused business, Cathy offers her reasons for “going local” this Earth Day, and every day.

Buying local from independent businesses can make a positive environmental impact alongside the economic and social benefits.

You can almost wrap it up in one word – transportation.The less your products have to travel, the better for our environment.

  • Local shopkeepers seek out and support other local businesses.This means the transportation required to get products to market uses much less fuel.
  • Local businesses tend to need and use less space than the big boxes or large corporate retailers.This means they often are located within walking and/or biking communities, eliminating or greatly reducing the need and distance for motorized transportation.
  • Less transportation of anything means less spoilage/breakage.
  • Smaller businesses often offer better quality items – items that have a longer life – that means less waste in our landfills!
  • Oh, and I bet we remember to turn the lights and computers off when we close up in the evening!

Enjoy and celebrate Earth day everyday – be a localist!

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