Celebrate Independence During July’s Independents Week

Celebrate Independence During July’s Independents Week

With the arrival of July, independence is top of mind – but are independents? The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) will celebrate Independents Week during July 1 through July 7, in order to make America’s independents known. Small and locally owned businesses, Main Street organizations and consumers can participate by declaring their independence and supporting their independents.

For American communities and local economies, a focus on independents makes sense. More than 200 years ago, the Founding Fathers declared independence to gain economic freedom and local decision-making power for their communities. These days, the American consumer has more choices than ever, but communities and local economies have lost some of their independence to big-box retailers, national chains and online businesses. These businesses make decisions about local communities from a distant headquarters and then funnel their revenues out of the local economy and into the far-away headquarters. Sound familiar?

This July, American consumers can declare their independence by supporting their independents. Independently owned businesses keep money in the local economy and diversify the marketplace to keep the community vibrant and resilient. Not to mention, their entrepreneurial spirit embodies the classic American dream.

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To make the most of Independents Week, independent businesses can leverage promotional materials and creative ideas from AMIBA. Media outreach, an in-store event and social media promotion can make the week both productive and fun. Above all else, it’s important to be proud of being local. Independent businesses should declare their independence by letting consumers know they’re locally owned. Participating in AMIBA’s Independents Week and sharing unique stories about the business through word of mouth and social media will help to get the point across.

American communities have always thrived with independence – and no one knows that better than independents. During the first week of July, Independents Week will raise awareness for independently owned businesses and the important benefits they bring to their communities. Businesses and consumers can participate by following along on social media and doing their part on Main Street.

For more information on Independents Week, visit www.amiba.net.

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