Chic Lumber Builds a New Connection with the Community

Chic Lumber Builds a New Connection with the Community

By Alex Gladu, Independent We Stand

For more than 30 years, family-owned Chic Lumber, a Do it Best Corp. member-owner, has helped contractors, remodelers and homeowners build projects they can be proud of. With three Missouri locations, including a millwork and manufacturing facility, Chic Lumber can offer custom products, design services and stellar customer service. Now, there’s another facility for Chic Lumber to be proud of – and it’s a building project that helps connect the business to its customers and its community.

conferenceroomChic Lumber recently opened a 7,000-square foot Design & Conference Center. The facility provides meeting spaces, as well as a showroom, where Chic Lumber can display the windows, countertops, cabinets and other materials that it produces. In business, the Design & Conference Center adds an experiential element to the company’s sales model. Homeowners can see firsthand how the design of their houses will come together. Additionally, builders and remodelers can take their clients to the center, allowing Chic’s customers to provide another level of service to their own clients.

Builders and remodelers are an important part of Chic Lumber’s customer base, especially since the recession. In an interview with LBM Journal, Chic Lumber President Adam Hendrix reported that 80 percent of his company’s business comes from contractors. When the recession hit the housing market, remodelers became an even more important subset of that contractor group.

conferenceroomTo service the contractor group, Chic Lumber gives its builder and remodeler customers around-the-clock access to the Design & Conference Center. That way, they can hold meetings in the facility’s conference rooms, which are outfitted with plenty of seating and Bluetooth-enabled smart boards.

The Design & Conference Center has also become an important facility for members of the community. For instance, a local little league baseball group has held team meetings there. Other local groups also have plans to use the space.

Chic Lumber has a connection with its Missouri community that spans more than three decades. Customer service and giving back have remained priorities over the years, but a new Design & Conference Center for public use now creates more opportunities for business and community to work together. For more information about Chic Lumber, visit





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