Consumers are Paying More Attention to What They Eat

Consumers are Paying More Attention to What They Eat

... Especially when it comes to red meat.

This is largely the result of a 2015 Consumer Reports study highlighting the health risks of ordinary grain-fed beef and a report from WHO (World Health Organization) classifying processed red meat (i.e. hot dogs, bacon, salami) as a group 1 carcinogen.

Cambridge, Massachusetts resident Mike Salguero did everything he could to find grass-fed beef locally. His friend from upstate New York introduced him to a local farm which sold freshly butchered shares of livestock. The problem was that Mike had to buy a few hundred pounds of beef at a time. Enough to fill two industrial size trash bags and force a freestanding freezer purchase. After several months of splitting up meat and selling shares to friends, Mike decided to find (or rather create) a new solution.

In September of last year he and his co-founder Mike Filbey launched a Kickstarter campaign for ButcherBox. The plan was to unite a collective of grass-fed beef ranches and offer doorstep delivery to consumers on a simple monthly membership basis. Within 18 hours of launching their 30 day campaign, their project was over 100% funded. They were blown away. All said and done they raised $210,203 (840% of their $25,000 goal).

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Their new goal is to make 100% grass-fed beef more accessible than ever before. But they’re going to need help from the little guys to get there. The big beef companies don’t focus on grass-fed because it’s far more expensive to produce. The cattle need more land, care, and live longer lives (making for a longer ‘sales cycle’). As little as 1% of the beef produced in the U.S is 100% grass-fed and it’s spread out across hundreds of small, often family run ranches. This makes sourcing quality product a serious challenge. But one that ButcherBox is taking head on.

butcherboxEach month they feature either a new ranch or type of cut, sometimes both. This month they’re featuring a beef shoulder from White Oak Pastures. A family owned, five generation ranch located in Bluffton Georgia. Along with the meat, each ButcherBox member receives a letter about the farm and recipe cards to go with each cut.

Ranchers are jumping at the opportunity to become a supplier because many of them lack the resources necessary to advertise and distribute their beef. Through partnering with a collective of ranches, ButcherBox is supporting the local community and providing a highly sought after substitute to conventional grain-fed beef.

The company is always looking for more local sources of 100% grass-fed beef. We invite you to email them if you have any recommendations.


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About Mike Salguero

I am the founder of ButcherBox. But more importantly, I'm a husband, father, and over-loving dog owner. I try to start each day with a CrossFit workout, eat a paleo diet, and go to as many farmers markets as I can. I love building brands focused on real products and real people.

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