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Several years ago, Ashley E. Kingsley and Whitney Trujllo noticed two trends – small businesses were suffering and couponing websites were starting to heat up. Ashley and Whitney also picked up on a demographic that was not being targeted by other websites, one that they and more than 85 million Americans fit into – moms. In April of 2010, they launched Daily Deals for Moms, a social couponing website intended to support local businesses and provide great deals for moms, an audience whose purchasing power totals more than two trillion dollars per year.

With Daily Deals for Moms, everyone wins. Small businesses are being brought back to life, local economies are getting a boost, and families are able to go on more outings without breaking the bank. As you can probably tell, Ashley and Whitney designed Daily Deals for Moms to help everyone. In fact, the only money they make is from commission. Therefore, in order for them to win, these small businesses must win.

Response has been phenomenal. Ashley and Whitney have received phone calls from business owners who were able to keep their doors open as a direct result of running a deal on their website. Whittney Smykil of Bliss Salon in Denver, Colo. was running out of options to keep her business afloat when she discovered Daily Deals for Moms. After one deal on the site, she went from almost not being able to make rent to filling her books. Thanks to Daily Deals for Moms, Bliss Salon went from barely surviving to thriving.

This kind of success can be attributed to Ashley and Whitney’s commitment to help businesses like Bliss Salon. Daily Deals for Moms was the first to offer a cap on deals. If small businesses can only afford to offer 40 deals, they will only sell 40 coupons. They also allow businesses the option to offer multiple deals, each one with a different offer to keep customers coming back. Through Daily Deals for Moms, Ashley and Whitney have been able to generate greater brand awareness for businesses without the resources to market online.

Daily Deals for Moms, which started in Denver, Colo., is now in 26 cities across the nation. Each city has a mom on the ground to scope out deals that moms and families would want to take advantage of. Ashley and Whitney’s trend is catching on – they have an audience of more than 50,000 moms across the country.

To find out if Daily Deals has made it to your city, visit You’ll be supporting your fellow local businesses and your economy while enjoying an outing with the family or treating yourself to a spa day!

Thanks for doing your part to help local businesses, Ashley and Whitney!

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