Dine Local this Mother's Day

Dine Local this Mother's Day

By AlexGladu, IWS Content Team

Whether she’s telling you to eat your vegetables or trying to convince you to come home for a visit this summer, she always wants the best for you. So it’s no surprise that you want only the best for her on Mother’s Day. To make your celebration extra special this year (especially if you are making that long trip home finally), take mom out to a local restaurant for a celebration that will take care of your family and your community.

Locally owned restaurants are known for their genuine atmospheres and stellar menus. Because they are unique to your community, they reflect the local flair in their décor and unique dishes. They often use ingredients that are locally grown or raised, and they prepare their dishes according to generations - old recipes. Local restaurants are started in the community by members of the community, so you can expect a neighborhood feel and your favorite hometown comfort food every time you visit.

Local restaurants don’t just reflect the community – they also support it. They return twice as much money per dollar of sale to the local economy as national chain restaurants. They also hire local workers and support local causes. As local restaurant owners build relationships with their regular customers, they stay in touch with the community’s wants and needs. And because they give back to the economy with each dollar they make, these business owners are in the best position to give the community what it needs.

This Mother’s Day, show Mom – and your community – some local love. Take her out to her favorite mom-and-pop diner or the new seafood place she’s been waiting to try. If you need suggestions, check out Independent We Stand’s local business search engine to find local restaurants in your community. Visit the search engine online or download the new iPhone and Android mobile apps for free today. By serving your favorite local food in a friendly and familiar setting, local restaurants like these will take care of you and your family – just like Mom!


About the Author

Alex is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she is double-majoring in Public Relations and Spanish.  Since becoming a writer for Independent We Stand, she has fully adopted the ‘buy local’ lifestyle.  Her favorite indie business is Sugarland, a bakery in Chapel Hill, N.C, where she has been known to go a little cupcake crazy. She hopes to attend law school and pursue a career in nonprofit or political communication.



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