Dos And Don'ts Of Social Media

Dos And Don'ts Of Social Media

By: Brad Crader, CDC-BME STIHL Distributor

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You can find tons of articles and solutions on how to be successful on social media. But whether you are just starting out or have been in the social media world for awhile, there are 6 basic Dos/Don'ts to follow.

1. Don’t Be Selfish
This is one of the most common mistakes businesses make on social media. Many businesses only talk about themselves and post about promotions and sales. Take a look at your own page, are most of your posts about sales and promotions? If so, you might be acting a little selfish.

2. Be Interesting/Creative

Think about social media as another form of communicating with your customers. If you want them to listen, you need to be interesting. Get creative and post things that will get your customer's attention and keep them coming back.

3. Don’t Buy Likes
There is no turnkey solution to social media. Success in social media takes a little time, so you need to commit for the long term. Many companies will offer to add "likes" to your page for a small fee but more often than not, these "likes" are coming from fake profiles. You may think that buying "likes" will make your page seem popular and interesting but consumers can see right through that.

4. Get Familiar With Your Customers
Do you know who your customers are or when they are most likely to visit your page? If you don’t, check out your Facebook Insights. The information there can help you understand who your customers are and what time of the day they are on Facebook. Use this information to help you create and schedule content.

5. Don’t Expect Everything If You Won’t Give Anything
Everyone has heard the expression, “You have to Pay to Play.” When it comes to your audience on social media, you have to give to get. Give your consumers what they want and make your page interesting and useful. Then when you post a promotion/sale and ask them for something, you won’t seem selfish.

6. Do Build Relationships
Social media is all about building relationships. Listen to your customers and get to know them. Doing this will help develop a loyal following that is more likely to recommend you throughout social media.

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