Easter Spending - Hop to Shop Local

Early estimates indicate the Easter Bunny will spend more than $13.03 billion* filling baskets this year. Independent We Stand is encouraging the Bunny to shop in locally-owned candy shops, bakeries and toy stores this year to have a more profound impact on local communities. If that spending were all directed to independent shops and businesses, it is estimated that nearly $8.86 billion** of those dollars would return right back into local economies, building better schools, infrastructure and community.

Please help us spread the word by sharing our Easter posters Just click on the poster below to download a high res printable pdf. To share on Facebook, blogs or email blasts, please right click on the poster images below and select “View Image” and then “Save Image As” and save to your hard drive.

Shop Local

*According to 2010 consumer spending statistics from the National Retail Federation.
**Based upon Andersonville Study of Retail Economics that says when you spend $100 at an independent business, $68 returns to the local community. Spend that same amount at a national chain and it drops to $43.

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