Get Out to Your Local Brewery and Enjoy American Craft Beer Week

Get Out to Your Local Brewery and Enjoy American Craft Beer Week

There’s something quintessentially American about drinking a cold craft beer on the warm summer afternoon, whether on the beach, at a baseball game, or at the brewery with friends. Well, we have some good news friends! A week long tribute to American craft beer starts today!

American Craft Beer Week runs from May 15-21. Lets’ skip the Bud-light that taste like water and trade it in for a delicious craft beer made locally! Supporting your local brewery benefits you, the community, and the environment.


Did you know craft beer has more health benefits than red-wine? Studies show beer promotes stronger bones, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes and even guards against stroke. Topofthehop says craft beers contain higher nutritional ingredients such as soluble fiber, some B vitamins, antioxidants and is a rich source of silicon.

Craft brewers put their heart and soul, as well as, amazing ingredients into every beer they brew. Thus, you have a better-quality beer, because the ingredients are carefully hand selected, to be in-season, by brew masters. Remember you are what you drink!


Craft breweries play an essential part in the health of your community. Many have small festivals to support local artists, crafters, and musicians. They promote local tourism by naming their beers after landmarks or things relative to their communities. They commonly work with other local breweries to co-brand on specialty beers and support local food trucks by hosting them on-site for customers to enjoy.

Local breweries are also more likely to buy from local suppliers, hire local service providers, and of course employ locals. Finally, more than two times the money spent at a local brewery stays in the community!


Local breweries are big on sustainable business practices. By selling their products locally, microbreweries typically don’t transport their beers long distances—meaning they cut down on the use for fuel and generate less air pollution.

Many of the local breweries also have their own packaging processes for their beers. They use “growlers” to cut back on the need for packaging. Once you purchase a growler from your favorite brewery you simply fill it, drink it, then bring it back for refilling. Hey this even saves you money, which is a bonus—more money for beer!

To celebrate National American Craft Beer week, visit a local brewer in your community to indulge yourself with delicious Crafted beers. You can also check out Craft Beer Week to find events near you. This website provides you with breweries from every state in America and statistics about the growth of craft beer.

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