Facebook Local Awareness Ads: The Small Business Marketing Tool You Need To Use

Facebook Local Awareness Ads: The Small Business Marketing Tool You Need To Use

Have you tried Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads yet? If not, now might be the perfect time to give them a try. Facebook’s latest upgrades make it easier and more cost-effective than ever to turn casual social media fans into loyal small business customers.

Facebook recently unveiled Local Awareness Ads as a way for small businesses to target potential customers who are already near them. An advertiser simply has to write a message, choose an image and set a radius for the ad. From there, Facebook will populate the ad onto the timelines of likely customers within that radius. As a result, advertisers know that their messages are getting the attention of people within their very own community, even if those people don’t already “like” their business’s page on Facebook.

Small business owners will find Local Awareness Ads effective because of Facebook’s ability to make targeted advertising affordable. Complex, targeted ad campaigns are often too out of financial reach for many brick and mortars. However, Facebook lets users set their own budget for their ad campaigns. In this way, small business owners can access Facebook’s large audience in the most effective way possible: using only the money they want to spend and targeting the ad to only the communities they want to reach.

Local Awareness Ads also give advertisers the option to add a “Get Directions” or “Call Now” button to their ad. This makes the message more accessible and more interactive – engaging audiences with a call to action rather than passively alerting them about a local business. These buttons also appeal to consumers who are on the go, using Facebook on their phone or other mobile device. When customers are out and about near your store, they can easily pull up directions to your location or call ahead to see that you have the product they are looking for.

Social media has always been a cost-effective way for small businesses to engage with their customers. Now, Facebook puts local at the center of ad campaigns to maximize effectiveness and minimize unnecessary costs.

To learn more about Local Awareness Ads or to get started creating one, visit www.facebook.com/business/a/local-awareness.

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