Get Ready for Independent Retailer Month

Get Ready for Independent Retailer Month

Why celebrate American independence for just one day in July? With Independent Retailer Month, independence is top-of-mind throughout July, in celebration of the independently owned retailers who keep American communities strong all year long. Are you ready to celebrate?

Independent Retailer Month grew out of similar, week-long campaigns. By consolidating these initiatives, the founders of Independent Retailer Month hoped to create a more inclusive celebration that encompassed all of the existing local campaigns. As a result, Independent Retailer Month reminds consumers to shop local year-round by highlighting independent businesses throughout the month of July.

For retailers, Independent Retailer Month presents an important opportunity: Take advantage of downloadable marketing materials and a creative idea bank to put your celebration in motion. Pay attention to the Independent Retailer Month’s social media profiles to find more content to share and new ideas to leverage. By hosting an in-store event or spreading the word, you’ll raise awareness for the campaign that benefits your business and your neighbors’ businesses.

Community leaders should also be involved. The Independent Retailer Month organization encourages community leaders to engage their local officials, alert the media and advocate on behalf of independent businesses. Among the available resources are various proclamations, which community leaders can use to encourage town officials to recognize Independent Retailer Month.

No matter your role, you can celebrate Independent Retailer Month in your own life. Throughout the month, make an effort to try new independent businesses in your community and frequent your go-to favorites as well. If you’re planning and Independence Day cookout, keep Independent Retailer Month in mind and find local treats to share with your guests. Shopping local year-round can start with a memorable experience during Independent Retailer Month.

The celebration of Independent Retailer Month can lead to growth and prosperity in local communities. Independent retailers, such as family-owned hardware stores and entrepreneurial craft breweries, reinvest 130 percent more of their revenues into the local economy than chain stores and 676 percent more than online retailers, according to Independent We Stand’s recently released Home Sweet Home: Locals vs. Amazon study. That reinvestment translates to job creation, sustainability and resilience.

This July, think bigger when it comes to independence. Celebrate Independent Retailer Month all month long with local businesses in your community. For more information or ideas, visit

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