Go Local Tacoma Trains Small Business Owners To Succeed

Go Local Tacoma Trains Small Business Owners To Succeed

From Starbucks to Expedia, Washington has had its fair share of small businesses hit it big. Even still, an active and passionate group of small business owners and advocates in Tacoma know the value of keeping things local. Through Go Local Tacoma, this group connects local small businesses with customers, supporters, national networks and the media in order spread this value throughout the community. Perhaps most important, though, Go Local Tacoma gives small business owners the tools and training they need to make the most of these connections.

Go Local Tacoma represents and works on behalf of more than 500 local businesses just outside the Seattle area. The group offers these businesses free listings in an online directory, discounted ad rates and free promotional materials. In this way, member businesses are more visible throughout the community and they’re able to promote themselves without breaking the bank. In fact, these offerings from Go Local Tacoma help small business owners tackle some of the most important and most challenging aspects of promoting a business in the competitive, digital age: getting online, getting on mobile and getting customers to Main Street.

Beyond resources, Go Local Tacoma equips the community’s small business leaders with real-world skills. The group regularly hosts two valuable workshops for members, called Go Local Shop Talks and 1 Million Cups Tacoma. 1 Million Cups, which is part of a nationwide campaign to give small business owners a place to learn, allows founders of local businesses to present their business — its origin, its successes and its challenges — to a group of peers, mentors and advocates. Each presentation is followed by a question-and-answer session, in which members of the audience can address the business’s challenges and offer their own perspectives on how the presenting business can overcome those challenges. Go Local Tacoma aims to make the process of learning and asking questions as free of intimidation and judgment as possible, welcoming new businesses to present at 1 Million Cups sessions every Wednesday morning.

Go Local Tacoma also teaches its members how to engage with the media effectively. A membership includes media mentoring and access to opportunities with journalists looking for a business perspective. By teaching small business owners how to make the most of the resources available to them, Go Local Tacoma prepares hundreds of Washington businesses for productive futures in their communities. For more information about Go Local Tacoma, visit www.golocaltacoma.com.

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