Guest Blog Post – Mike Salguero of CustomMade

Guest Blog Post – Mike Salguero of CustomMade

If you’re reading this on a personal laptop or Smartphone and you live in America, you likely have choice on the things that surround you.  You choose what kind of table you eat your breakfast on each morning, you choose what you wear each day, and you (sort of) choose what to give your spouse for each anniversary. Choice is good, but it’s also likely that your largest pool of options is full of low-quality, mass produced items that have little to do with your actual personality or the things that define you or your loved ones.

That’s where we come in.

CustomMade is the world’s largest online marketplace for hiring makers to create exactly what you want. Need a leather belt to match a new pair of jeans? CustomMade will help you connect with a local leathersmith who can make exactly what you had in mind. Renovating your bathroom? There’s a local woodworker on our site who can help create a storage solution for that awkward nook under your sink.

You might say that generally you can find what you’re looking for “more-or-less” through a traditional retailer, but why settle? When we founded CustomMade, we asked ourselves why someone would go to a big-box furniture store instead of a local furniture maker, or why someone would go to a big retail jewelry store when there’s an independent maker who can create exactly what he or she wanted - but we know that there are frictions in the market right now that make custom feel inaccessible. That’s what we’re changing.

Likewise, buying custom not only ensures that the product created is personalized for you; it also ensures quality, attention to detail and satisfaction. We talk to designers and industry professionals who use bespoke in their designs and ask why they choose custom solutions for their clients. Recently we spoke with Ann McDonald, CEO and Founder of Couture Chateau, and here’s what she had to say: “For over 20 years I have observed that the process of engaging skilled fabricators who make items to size and scale... it’s the intentional interaction between thoughtful use and production that causes us to self-select function, form, purpose, detail, color, scale and price. The quick impulse purchase is often the regrettable return, rarely the custom.”

On a big picture scale, buying custom and buying local is so much more than just individual needs. Boston Magazine recently published an article stating that “if stateside shoppers spent only five percent more on American-made goods, nearly one million new U.S. jobs would be created.” There’s a mind-boggling stat if I ever heard one, and not to mention one that everyone can get behind. Yet, it could seem difficult to increase your American buying by 5% unless you have the time to read every label and product detail when you’re in your holiday buying scramble. What I’m proud to be building is a place online where you don’t have to wonder or worry if you’re contributing to your community and our country’s future.  We’re building a place where all your choices are good ones.

To learn more about CustomMade check out the video below and visit You can also follow them on Facebook and @CustomMade.

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