Hilltop Campus Village Brings New Life to Historic Davenport

Hilltop Campus Village Brings New Life to Historic Davenport

On the shores of the Mississippi River, Davenport, Iowa, represents a crossroads between the old and the new. City streets lined with historic, brick buildings lead to universities educating the next generation and local businesses bringing new life to this Midwestern town. At the crux of the crossroads is Hilltop Campus Village, a Main Street organization committed to reestablishing the culture and vibrancy of the Hilltop Campus area of Davenport.

Hilltop Campus Village works to preserve historic properties in Davenport and create new opportunities for small businesses. Through years of hard work, the organization has reinvigorated a historic commercial district, attracting new businesses, connecting them to the established institutions in town and drawing in residents and visitors alike. Hilltop Campus Village engages the community with seasonal events in a family-friendly environment, creating a prosperous place for small businesses, students and others to live and work.

Hilltop Campus Village gets its name from the community it reflects. “Hilltop” represents the topography of Davenport, which is situated alongside and above the Mississippi River. “Campus” represents the local educational institutions, including St. Ambrose University and the Palmer College of Chiropractic, the nation’s first and largest chiropractic college. Finally, “Village” represents the small-town, all-inclusive environment created by the small businesses within bustling commercial district. Together, these elements of the community inspire the organization’s work to revitalize and preserve downtown.

A Main Street Iowa program, Hilltop Campus Village also connects itself to the greater Iowa community. Main Street Iowa supports local programs throughout the state as they work to preserve and energize their local communities. Through Main Street Iowa, Hilltop Campus Village is connected to a network of more than 50 other communities in Iowa and dozens more across the country, all with similar goals and visions. Through these connections, Hilltop Campus Village can leverage national trends and resources for its local-focused mission.

Blending the old with the new will keep Davenport relevant and prosperous for years to come. Hilltop Campus Village keeps its focus on the future without abandoning the past that gives the community its charm. For more information, visit www.hilltopcampusvillage.org.

For more information on Hilltop Village West, please watch the video below which was shot while we we were on our Great American River Road Trip in the Spring of 2018. 

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