Homegrown by Heroes Helps Veterans Stand Out

Homegrown by Heroes Helps Veterans Stand Out

It’s difficult to measure just how much U.S. military veterans sacrifice for our country, but thanks to a patriotic label, it’s easy to identify what they produce. The Homegrown by Heroes label depicts the silhouette of a service member in front of an American flag. When used on Homegrownfarmers’ market stands, egg cartons and produce boxes, it unmistakably identifies the business as veteran-owned, making it a powerful tool for farmers and growers who have transitioned from service member to agri-business owner.

The Homegrown by Heroes label launched in 2013 as a program of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Now, the program is managed nationally by the Farmer Veteran Coalition, a community of farmer veterans who work together to advance veteran-owned agri-businesses. The Homegrown by Heroes label is available to any member of the coalition who has served or is currently serving in the military. Businesses or products that use the label must be at least 50 percent veteran-owned and veteran-controlled.

For farmer veterans, the Homegrown by Heroes label presents an opportunity to leverage a national branding campaign at the local level. Farmers can proudly identify their business and their products as veteran-owned, while consumers can recognize the label no matter what grocery store, farmers’ market or produce stand they visit. Many states have adapted the Homegrown by Heroes logo for their own custom labels, allowing farmer veterans to showcase both their military service and their local loyalty.

In a competitive marketplace, name and brand recognition are vitally important. The Homegrown by Heroes label unites farmer veterans across the country through a relevant campaign. The Farmer Veteran Coalition offers labels, car decals, aluminum signs and other marketing materials to qualifying businesses and business owners. For more information visit www.farmvetco.org.

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