How to Advertise Smarter with Google’s Newest Small Business Tool

How to Advertise Smarter with Google’s Newest Small Business Tool

This month, the kids are back in school, but they’re not the only ones getting smarter. Over the summer, Google launched a new advertising tool that changes the way small business owners can promote their business on Google’s platforms. Smart campaigns allow small businesses to more easily create and run ads across Google, Google Maps and Google partner sites.

As the name suggests, Google Smart campaigns take much of the guesswork out of running ads. A user can set up a Smart campaign in a little as 15 minutes by entering ad text, choosing a schedule and setting a budget. From there, Google handles the rest of the heavy lifting. Google will create a list of search phrases that will trigger the ad and it will update those search phrases on an ongoing basis. Google will only charge the advertiser when someone clicks on the ad.

With traditional Google ad campaigns, the advertiser is responsible for all aspects of campaign management. In other words, the small business owner who already wears too many hats to count has to spend time selecting keywords to trigger the ads and updating those keywords based on performance. Not to mention, advertisers using Google’s traditional campaigns also have to choose on which platforms to run their ads. With Smart campaigns, Google handles this management internally. Once a small business owner sets up the ad, Google will select and update keywords, run the ad across all Google platforms and report on the ad’s performance. It’s a time-saving tool that makes sense for small businesses that may not have a dedicated marketing team.

According to Google, Smart campaigns aren’t just easier for small businesses – they’re also more effective. In an early test of the tool, Smart campaigns doubled the results for a yoga studio in Virginia. Small businesses looking to up their own promotion don’t even need a website to take advantage of the new tool. Google offers non-website goals, such as directions requests and phone calls.

Google Smart campaigns give small businesses an innovative and intelligent new tool for online promotion. Particularly as the year progresses toward the holiday season, small business owners can leverage Smart campaigns to reach the ever-searching online audience. For more information about Smart campaigns, visit Google Ads Help.

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