How to Celebrate Your Independence as an Independent Business Owner

How to Celebrate Your Independence as an Independent Business Owner

This July 4, celebrate more than American independence. Give a nod to your independence as an independent business owner, too. After all, Independence Day is about celebrating what makes America strong – and that includes small and local businesses.

Independent business owners bring prosperity to their local economies by creating jobs, reinvesting in the community and diversifying the marketplace. Plus, they just make the community more interesting. Their businesses display their unique passions, ensuring that no two communities are exactly alike. It’s this sort of independent thinking that created this country nearly 250 years ago, and independent business owners will continue to keep the country thriving.

As a part of the indie business community, you understand these benefits – but does your community? It’s particularly important to preach your independence to the community during times of heightened awareness, such as a holiday. During Independence Day celebrations, consumers will already be reflecting on the country and their values. They’ll be spending time off work and in the community. They’re probably even looking for new ideas to make the day more fun. By celebrating your independence at this peak time, you can make a more significant impact than during the usual summer sales lull.

Celebrating your independence can mean many different things. You can attract people to your storefront with an Independence Day sale or promotion, or you can meet consumers in the community by participating in a local event or festival. No matter where you come across them, be sure to tell consumers about your independence: Let them know that your business is completely local by telling them how your business got its start and why you do what you do. Give them an Independence Day story that will resonate even after the holiday passes.

While planning and celebrating, look for relevant campaigns that can amplify your message. The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) will celebrate Independents Week from July 1 through July 7. To help independent businesses celebrate, AMIBA has put together a collection of promotional materials, creative ideas and other resources, available online. The ideas include a scavenger hunt, a cash mob, and currency stamping. Your local Main Street organization, downtown alliance or chamber of commerce may have similar campaigns in the works.

Ultimately, celebrating your independence should be as creative and unique as your business is. Whether you join an existing campaign or create your own, add your business’s independent flair by showcasing a unique product or giving consumers a new experience. Most importantly, preach your independence and the impact you have on the local community. Make this Independence Day mean more for your independent business.

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