In the Iconic Town “Buying Local” is a way of Life

In the Iconic Town “Buying Local” is a way of Life

ReMain Nantucket is a charitable organization dedicated to restoring the unique character and spirit of downtown Nantucket, Mass. Partnered with the efforts of ReMain Ventures, the island-based organization is helping to “envision and empower a prosperous future for the heart of Nantucket – tapping the island’s extraordinary resources: its people and strong tradition of independence, innovation and conservation,” as described by the website.

ReMain Nantucket was established by Wendy Schmidt, President of The Schmidt Family Foundation and wife of Google executive chairman, Eric Schmidt. Schmidt began Remain Nantucket as a foundation project in 2008 to preserve the essence of the iconic town of Nantucket and to promote independent business in the area.

One of the ways ReMain promotes small business prosperity in the community is by “encouraging and mentoring new entrepreneurs to bring their unique business ideas to the downtown.” Consistent with this spirit, ReMain opened Petticoat Row Bakery in the heart of downtown Nantucket. Not only does the bakery provide tasty treats to customers year round, it also adds jobs to the local economy.

The name “Petticoat Row” dates back to the 1800’s when many of the Nantucket men were away from their homes on voyages. To compensate for the labor shortage, the women of Nantucket began involving themselves in commerce and the business of running the island. The stores on Centre Street were run predominantly by women and became widely known as “Petticoat Row.”

For a community like Nantucket that is steeped in tradition and independence, supporting local business comes naturally. Continuing that tradition and preserving the history of the community encouraged by ReMain, which understands that “investing in Nantucket’s uniqueness fosters long term economic, social and environmental value to the island and its residents.”

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