Independent We Stand Road Trip

Independent We Stand announced today its plans for a road trip through the Southeast U.S. to interview and film independent, local business owners on the economic benefits they bring to their communities and the importance of shopping locally.

Independent We Stand will be visiting the following towns and speaking with local business owners – from every industry and category – about their experiences. During the trip, Independent We Stand staff members will only be eating, drinking and sleeping at locally owned, independent establishments along the route:
•    February 21: Raleigh, N.C.
•    February 22: Charleston, S.C.
•    February 23: Savannah, GA.
•    February 24: Jacksonville, Fla.
•    February 25: Tampa, Fla.

Businesses will be selected based on local recommendations from the community. Consumers and business owners alike can go on the Independent We Stand Facebook page to nominate their favorite local business with the phrase “VISIT MY FAVORITE LOCAL” along with the type and name of the establishment.

Businesses who would like to take part can also post to the Independent We Stand Facebook page to share details such as how long they have been in business, unique challenges they face and ideas they have used to promote buying local. To be eligible for filming, businesses must also be registered at – which is free.

Businesses selected will be interviewed and featured in the latest collection of blog posts on the Independent We Stand website as well as in videos available on the Independent We Stand YouTube channel:


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