Independents Do it Best

Independents Do it Best

By: Bob Taylor, CEO Do it Best Corp.

A new year is always a great opportunity for us at Do it Best Corp., along with our member-owners, to look ahead and identify the challenges, goals and opportunities we face in the coming months and beyond. Certainly, from our perspective, we see a very positive outlook when it comes to home improvement and construction activity in 2014. And while we know that both professional and DIY customers have a lot of options when it comes to building a new home or fixing up an existing one, we firmly believe the best option is, and always will be, your local independent hardware or lumber & building materials store.

The reasons for shopping local for your home improvement and construction needs are as plentiful as they are compelling:

  • Local Knowledge. In addition to their extensive product knowledge, the staffs at local independent stores have the in-depth understanding of local codes and legislation and, most importantly, how they may impact your particular project.
  • Product assortment. Having local ownership – as opposed to a buyer at a corporate office – means the products are chosen that will best serve the specific and particular needs of local customers.
  • Competitive pricing. Often, your local independent hardware store is a member of a purchasing co-op (like Do it Best Corp.). A co-op relationship gives hardware stores the best of both worlds: the ability to remain independently-owned and, thanks to the purchasing power of thousands of fellow co-op members, the opportunity to offer products at competitive everyday prices, along with great specials.
  • Experience. Local independent stores often have stronger networks of suppliers developed over years of service to a community. They live in the same neighborhoods where they work. They feel a responsibility for, and a commitment to, the well-being of their neighborhood.
  • Economic impact. Money spent with your local independent store stays local and is reinvested into the community. It doesn't end up in faraway corporate headquarters.
  • Community roots. One of our members once said, “When your name’s on the door, you care a little more.” Your local hardware or building materials store supports the community in so many ways through churches, schools, Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts, Little League, festivals, events, fundraisers and more.

Clearly, there are many reasons that "independents do it best" – that your local hardware store or building materials dealer is the best option for you, your home project and your community. If you're an independent retailer, make sure to share some of these reasons with your staff and your customers. And keep standing independent!

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