Indie Acts of Kindness – Danville Bike Keeps the Community Active

Indie Acts of Kindness – Danville Bike Keeps the Community Active

As a small business, Danville Bike and Footwear contributes to the economic health of its small Kentucky community by returning money to the local economy and offering professional services at a great value. But as cycling enthusiasts, this father-son team contributes much more to the physical health and well being of their community.

When Ernst Crown-Weber opened Danville Bike and Footwear in 1993, he sought to promote a healthy lifestyle through cycling. Now, Ernst’s son Andrew has joined the family business – and the family pastime – and the store’s commitment to the community has taken off with both wheels spinning.

From weekly bike rides to kid-friendly safety exhibitions, the Danville Bike and Footwear team is always planning new events to help members of the community get outdoors and get healthy. “Our most important event would be our weekly Wednesday night group bike ride,” Andrew says. “If it’s Wednesday and there’s decent weather, you can be sure that there will be a group of people out for a ride around Danville – and this has been true for the past 20 years at least.”

Like all of DB&F’s community events, the weekly bike rides are meant to help people of all ages and all levels enjoy cycling and live a healthy lifestyle. “Because you can count on the group ride to happen, the ride serves as an anchor around which many community members build their weekly exercise routine,” Andrew explains.

Throughout the year, the DB&F team hosts two 5k runs, including the downtown Constitution 5k that raises money for Danville’s local arts center. “Our goal is to serve as a go-to clearinghouse for information and registration for local runs,” Andrew says. “We like to think that we contribute, in some small way, to our small community having an extraordinary amount of organized 5k runs per year. From March to October, there is a local 5k run happening virtually every weekend.”

The store also hosted a Kids Bike Rodeo to educate kids on bike safety and show them new trails in the community. Ernst and Andrew are part of a local Trails Committee that plans and maintains local biking trails to ensure that safe trails for transportation and recreation are readily available.

“We are in business not simply to make money,” Andrew says. “We live, work and breathe in this community and hope by our daily actions to make this place a better place to live.” The family’s commitment to an active, athletic lifestyle comes from Ernst’s days as a health educator in the University of Kentucky’s renowned weight-loss clinic.

“We think of ourselves as being part of a healthy community ecosystem,” Andrew says. “If we do our part helping people stay healthy, and other businesses do their part providing other valuable services, we’ll all reap the reward of living in a place where we can eat well, exercise well, shop well and live well.”

Like most small businesses, Danville Bike and Footwear gives back to the community in a unique and valuable way. Getting the community on a path to a healthy lifestyle is Danville Bike and Footwear’s indie act of kindness; what will yours be?

Indies Acts of Kindness is an ongoing blog series that profiles independent businesses doing exceptional work for their communities, charities, employees, and their customers. If you have a great story to tell please email us at and you could be featured in our blog. 

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