Indie Acts of Kindness: Oasis Tire Pros Gives Back While Growing

Indie Acts of Kindness: Oasis Tire Pros Gives Back While Growing

Oasis Tire Pros ThrowbackThe story of Oasis Tires & Wheels, an El Paso area Tire Pros dealer, will probably sound familiar. Jerry Gonzalez’s father came to the United States as an immigrant and began working his way up through a local tire shop in El Paso, Texas, in 1988. By 1999, Gonzalez opened a small shop of his own with the help of a $2,000 loan from his sister and some leased equipment. Today, the second generation of the Gonzalez family has become involved in the business, and Oasis Tire Pros has flourished into a multi-location operation with more than 50 employees in the El Paso community.

“The family decided to expand because we love what we do and we want to create a bright future for our future generations,” Gonzalez, son of the company’s founder, says. Gonzalez has watched his father live the quintessential American dream, and he works to carry on that legacy with the same business. Since joining the team, he has worked to grow the business to its current size and restructure the company along the way.

Oasis Tire Pros eventThroughout this growth, the El Paso community has not gone unnoticed or without support. Oasis Tire Pros collects clothes for community members in need, sponsors local churches and contributes to local races and walking events. Additionally, Oasis Tire Pros supports El Paso’s Dame La Mano Crisis Pregnancy Center, which provides resources and shelter for teens, women and their children. There’s also a local children’s shelter and local immigrant shelter.

“I believe that the culture in the El Paso area is amazing,” Gonzalez says. He emphasizes that it’s not just the business that’s giving back but also the family. Metaphorically, he says, “One grain of rice at a time will get our community a long way if we all decide to help little by little.”

For Gonzalez and the entire Oasis Tire Pros family, supporting the community is fundamental to being successful in business and living the American dream. “We support our community by creating career opportunities, helping those in need and supporting business-to-business relationships to watch our neighbors grow,” he says. For more information about Oasis Tires & Wheels, visit

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