Indie Acts of Kindness - Schill Goes Green

Indie Acts of Kindness - Schill Goes Green

In business, it’s not always what you do that matters, but rather how you do it. Schill Grounds Management offers professional landscaping and grounds maintenance services to commercial properties throughout northern Ohio. But while Schill’s landscapers are taking care of the greenery, they’re also taking care of the planet.

Throughout its work, Schill takes steps to protect the environment from harmful chemicals and wasteful practices. For example, Schill uses 100 percent bio-nutritional fertilizers. Unlike traditional fertilizers, these alternatives are non-poisonous, food-grade fertilizers that are 100 percent safe for people, pets and water. The company also recycles its green waste, including grass clippings, leaves and other materials. When this waste is bagged up and thrown in a landfill, it produces methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. Schill recycles this waste by turning it into reusable natural materials, such as mulch, topsoil and compost. That way, it can be reintroduced into the natural environment. Schill also uses hybrid vehicles, locally sources fuel and products and less harmful chemicals for snow and ice removal. By Earth Day 2015, Schill has committed to eliminate 48,000 pounds of nitrates; 12,000 pounds of phosphates; and 45,000 ounces of concentrated pesticides through these practices.

Another way that Schill leads the green landscaping industry is by using propane-powered mowers, which cut carbon emissions by 50 to 70 percent. Propane is one of the cleanest-burning fossil fuels, and it’s not harmful to soil or water. Currently, 75 percent of Schill’s lawnmowers are propane-powered, giving it the largest fleet of its kind of any commercial grounds management company in northern Ohio. By 2015, the company will convert the rest of its fleet, so that it only uses propane-powered mowers.

“We take care of the environment because we want to see the community grow and prosper,” says Jerry Schill, president of Schill Grounds Management. “We are a local, family-owned company with deep roots in Lorain County and northeast Ohio. We all grew up near the shores of Lake Erie, and now we’re raising our families here. We care about the environment because it’s our environment, too.”

Through its commitment to the environment, Schill is setting an example for the community and a standard nationwide. In 2012, Schill received the Lawn & Landscape Magazine Leadership Award, which recognizes leadership and dedication to the landscaping services industry. More recently, in 2014, Schill received a Sustainable Company Award from the Professional Landcare Network, or PLANET. PLANET also named Jerry Schill one of its Trailblazers, individuals who make significant and long-term contributions to the landscaping industry.

From propane-powered mowers to recycling green waste, Schill Grounds Management is leading the way to a greener landscape and a greener planet. For more information about Schill, visit

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