Indie Profile – American Booksellers Association/Indiebound

Indie Profile – American Booksellers Association/Indiebound

If you want to think of the “bound” in IndieBound as a reference to book binding, that works. After all, its origins are with independent booksellers. But to capture its true scope, you might want to think of IndieBound as independent retailers (including booksellers) bound together in a common cause – because its' membership and goals are diverse and inclusive.

The organization’s website describes IndieBound as “a community-oriented movement begun by the independent bookseller members of the American Booksellers Association.” The idea is to bring together independent booksellers, readers, other independent retailers, local business alliances, “and anyone else with a passionate belief that healthy local economies help communities thrive.”

Exclusive content provided on the IndieBound website includes the popular “Indie Next List,” which provides “inspired recommendations from independent booksellers.” Other articles – such as the current story about how Google eBooks are now being sold through independent booksellers – offer topical information that’s relevant to independent retailers and shoppers alike.

IndieBound is a powerful tool to help booksellers connect with and have a voice in the national movement supporting independents. It also lets everyone know just how many independent bookstores there are and celebrates their unique attributes and community ties.

In addition, IndieBound provides authors with a great way to show their commitment to independent bookstores nationwide. Through the website they can quickly and easily link to thousands of independent bookstores.

But this movement isn’t just about booksellers. IndieBound encompasses and supports all types of independent retailers, independent business alliances, and “shop local” campaigns and promotional efforts.

Ultimately, IndieBound helps remind consumers that their choices make a big difference, that their patronage is appreciated by independent retailers, and that their support of independents puts them at the forefront of a dynamic and growing movement that benefits local communities, including their own, in many ways.

To learn more about IndieBound, or to register your locally owned business with the organization, visit their website at

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