Leveraging Customer Testimonials with Social Media

Leveraging Customer Testimonials with Social Media

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By: Daniel Kushner

Reviews and testimonials say it all. They establish believability, credibility and a sense of security. So why not leverage your customer feedback on social media platforms to generate leads and build your brand’s reputation?
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We all know that when we research and shop around for something new, including a B2B solution or service, our decision-making is heavily influenced by recommendations and testimonials. Reading a positive review ensures that someone else had a satisfying experience and perhaps received great support with their B2B choice. With that in mind, businesses today should actively leverage the positive feedback they are receiving and promote it socially and virally on all social media platforms.

Here are some tips to promoting, leveraging and socializing customer testimonials:

Actively invite customers to share feedback

Your professional services or customer relations team should actively reach out to satisfied customers and encourage them to share feedback on their experience. This feedback then takes on the form of interviews, case studies, customer quotes, and surveys. And all of this serves as your valuable testimonial content. It is now yours to share on your website (granted you got permission from your customers) and on all social media platforms. Share success stories on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to drive new traffic and leads to your site.

Share buttons on your site

Increase traffic and visitors to your social media platforms by adding share buttons to your website and customer communications. These share buttons will allow prospects and customers to share with their contacts–whether it’s an interesting blog post on your site, an educational webinar or a free trial. Arm your website and email communications with share buttons and empower your prospects and customers to do some of the talking and promoting for you. Lead the way, and they will provide you with valuable recommendations and shares.

Upload video testimonials

Video testimonials are a creative and interactive way to share customer testimonials. Next time you are at a tradeshow or customer meeting, you can easily capture quick clips of customer feedback (with their consent of course) and upload them to YouTube and Facebook. In a short two minute clip, customers can share their experience with your B2B solution from the process of researching your company and its offerings, to onboarding and becoming a satisfied customer.

The challenge is to socially leverage the enthusiasm and positive feedback that reviews provide to drive new leads to your site. There are few marketing tools more powerful than customer testimonials, and these 3 tips should help you to start taking advantage of your customer reviews and testimonials, bring new leads to your sales team, and promote your brand.

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