Local Businesses Leverage SXSW with A Campaign All Their Own

Local Businesses Leverage SXSW with A Campaign All Their Own

Each year, the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival brings thousands of the country’s most creative and innovative people to Austin, Texas, for a week of musical performances, product demonstrations and inspirational talks. This year, SXSW will take place March 10-19, featuring attendees such as actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and panel discussions on topics like Asian-American issues. At the same time, this year’s SXSW will also get a particularly local flair, thanks to the work of Austin’s independent businesses.

Austin by Austin (AXA) is a local spin-off of SXSW organized by the Austin Independent Business Alliance (AIBA) and The Austin Chronicle. Members of AIBA can register to host performances, demonstrations or other events that feature local artists, makers and innovators. In return, they’ll get the promotional support of AIBA and the Austin Chronicle, including a special advertising and membership package.

Austin’s local businesses stand to benefit when SXSW rolls into town each year. The influx of visitors gives locally owned businesses a chance to earn new customers and reach new audiences. Not to mention, plenty of Austin’s loyal residents will be out and about, as well. This year’s AXA campaign gives Austin’s local businesses another way to leverage the festival traffic.

With AXA, there’s also the potential for community perks beyond Austin’s independent businesses. Local artists, musicians and entrepreneurs can build relationships with each other and with the local businesses they encounter during AXA. A local coffee shop may team up with a local student AIBA_Logogroup to offer a poetry reading. An independent bookstore may host a meet-and-greet with a local writer. No matter what kind of events these groups put on, AXA will showcase Austin’s unique culture at a time when thousands of people are literally looking for the best and most creative parts of the community.

As SXSW highlights the most innovative people and products in the country, AXA will introduce festivalgoers to the most unique parts of Austin. Local businesses and AIBA members can participate by emailing axa@austinchronicle.com. For more information, visit AIBA’s website at www.ibuyaustin.com.

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