Localwise Celebrates Local Employers in the San Francisco Bay Area

Localwise Celebrates Local Employers in the San Francisco Bay Area

By Alex Gladu, Writer, Independent We Stand

The number of jobs created by small businesses has been well documented, showing that year after year, it’s locally and independently owned firms that add the bulk of American jobs.  There’s more to that job creation than numbers, though. Throughout the month of March, Localwise, a San Francisco-based organization that connects workers with jobs at local businesses, has celebrated the quality of jobs that its local small businesses create.

The Work Local Awards highlight the best local employers in the Bay Area, in categories such as “Most Diverse Team” and “Best Employee Perks.” There are also prizes for the best overall employer in industries such as retail, food and drink, education and nonprofit. In keeping with the Bay Area’s unique culture and business climate, there’s also a category for the best startup employer.

“Local businesses don't normally receive the recognition they deserve because of the competition they face from corporations and big business; which, have the funds and power to, as we've seen more and more, homogenize industries across the board,” says Alaia Schwegler, a community manager with Localwise. “With the awards, our goal is to recognize the contributions local businesses have made and help celebrate them.”

Local businesses are often already known as great places to work among the community for the reasons that Localwise wants to highlight, including their commitment to service and to their employees. Local businesses often provide more flexible work schedules and more unique benefits to employees, as well as the opportunity to make a difference in the community, whether that’s at work or around town.

“By working local, you're personally reinvesting in your community and its people,” Schwegler says. “It's about creating a sustainable environment for your neighbors and their families, their businesses and all parts that make our community what it is today.”

The Work Local Awards also help beloved local employers fill new jobs and find new talent. Winning businesses receive a feature on the Localwise Instagram account, tickets to a celebration party and three free Localwise Premium job posts. That way, as local employers create more jobs, they have an outlet for recruiting that fits their unique needs as small companies.

To nominate a Bay Area business for the Work Local Awards, visit www.localwisejobs.com. Nominations will be accepted through March 24.

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