Lowcountry Local First Celebrates Southern Charm Through Small Businesses

Lowcountry Local First Celebrates Southern Charm Through Small Businesses

Life in the Lowcountry is about more than just southern charm. It’s about celebrating the unique local culture and preserving that culture for generations to come. Lowcountry Local First embraces that culture and supports the small businesses and local communities that make the Lowcountry so special.

Located in the heart of the Lowcountry, Lowcountry Local First unites local business owners, consumers and public officials in Charleston, South Carolina, and across the region. In an effort to reflect the unique culture of the area, Lowcountry Local First focuses on two overarching initiatives: buy local and eat local.

The buy local initiative focuses on encouraging local investment and growing local businesses. For instance, each fall, Lowcountry Local First leads Buy Local Month, a campaign that runs from November 15 to December 15. Throughout the month, Lowcountry Local First capitalizes on the holiday shopping season and drives attention toward Charleston’s local retailers, manufacturers and service providers. Another buy local initiative, Local Works gives entrepreneurs a place to work, collaborate and create. It’s an incubator space that Lowcountry Local First founded to ensure that new innovation and new local businesses are always finding their way into the Lowcountry’s economy. In the spirit of southern hospitality, the space also encourages entrepreneurs to work together to solve problems and stay motivated.

When it comes to promoting local food, Lowcountry Local First returns to the region’s agricultural roots, literally. Eat Local is Lowcountry Local First’s sustainable agriculture initiative. Like the buy local initiative, Lowcountry Local First operates an incubator farm, which allows new farmers to reduce the risks and costs associated with launching their new business. It’s the first program of its kind in South Carolina, and it’s a unique idea that makes a real difference in the lives of local farmers. There’s also Eat Local Month, which takes place every April. As during Buy Local Month, Lowcountry Local First uses Eat Local Month to garner excitement and loyalty around Charleston’s local restaurants, farmers and fishermen. These programs help to set a precedent for the type of support that small business owners can expect from Lowcountry Local First all year long.

Through these various programs and initiatives, Lowcountry Local First spreads southern charm through small businesses. Often, small businesses are the most direct reflection of a region’s culture. In the Charleston area, Lowcountry Local First highlights these businesses, historic and modern, and keeps true to the South’s agricultural roots. For more information about Lowcountry Local First, visit lowcountrylocalfirst.org.

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