Managing Small Business & Community Recovery in Rural New York

Managing Small Business & Community Recovery in Rural New York

As much of the country grapples with the harmful effects of substance abuse and addiction, all eyes are on the community advocates who bring creative solutions to vulnerable populations. In Wellsville, New York, one small business manager has taken an optimistic approach. Butch Calcote of Fassett Lane Building and Home Center celebrates recovery within his community by creating a safe place for victims of all walks of life.

Each week, Calcote and his wife, Linda, lead a program called Celebrate Recovery at their local Mennonite church. The Thursday-evening program welcomes people of all religions and all backgrounds for a discussion-based workshop designed to guide participants through the recovery process. Not limited to substance abuse issues, Celebrate Recovery supports people struggling with all “hurts, hang-ups and habits.”

The Celebrate Recovery program is part of a global campaign to heal those who are struggling. Calcote has brought the program to his small-town community to make a difference where he lives and works. Through Celebrate Recovery, Calcote strengthens his ties to the community, meeting new people and leaving a positive impact.

Calcote also manages, and will one day own, Fassett Lane Building and Home Center. In the store, he helps customers find the right materials to keep their houses feeling like home. Locally owned and operated since 1979, Fassett Lane also has a strong connection with the local community.

By finding ways to connect with the community after close of business, small business owners, managers and employees can put their customer-first approach to use in new ways. Thanks to Calcote’s imitative, Celebrate Recovery connects with the community members who need it most. It’s this kind of work that keeps communities vibrant and sets small business leaders apart.

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This story is part of our ongoing ‘Local Memories, Lasting Impact’ series that highlights small, locally owned businesses and the differences they make in their communities.

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