McLendon Hardware Blends Heritage with Hospitality

McLendon Hardware Blends Heritage with Hospitality

Founded in 1926, McLendon Hardware is nearing a centennial anniversary. For more than nine decades, the McLendon family has served Washington’s Puget Sound area with high-quality paints, plants and outdoor power equipment, as well as the legendary customer service that founder Moses Jones “Pop” McLendon instilled. Along the way, McLendon Hardware’s commitment to the community hasn’t aged one bit.

Over the years, the McLendon family has opened seven stores in the Pacific Northwest. Three generations of relatives have joined the company, as well as a handful of non-relative experts. McLendon Hardware’s connection to the region has grown with each new store and each new team member, but it has always been a two-way street. For instance, in 1981, a fire burned one store and everything in it to the ground. Although handwritten credit records, receipts and other notes had been lost, customers sent in their own records to help the McLendon family put the pieces back together.

Recently, McLendon was able to return the favor. In 2014, a devastating landslide occurred near Oso, Washington, killing 43 people. In the aftermath of the disaster, McLendon Hardware donated to North Counties’ Family Services Relief Fund, which was aiding in the relief effort.

Beyond the extremes of fires and landslides, McLendon’s community support is a year-round commitment. Two annual events keep the community engaged year after year: Ladies Night takes place at all seven stores one night a year, raising money to fight hunger in the local community. The stores close early for a private shopping event, complete with wine tastings and giveaways. In 2016, Ladies Night raised $14,000 for Food Lifeline, a Seattle-based organization that turns food surpluses into creative solutions for ending hunger.

Each spring, McLendon Hardware helps customers kick winter to the curb with a plant sale and pancake breakfast. Bright fuchsias and young tomato plants give the community a lively beginning to the season, and free pancakes make the event even sweeter. In addition to the onset of spring, the event celebrates McLendon Hardware’s anniversary.

For nearly 100 years, McLendon Hardware has kept customers happy and Washington communities vibrant. With the support of three generations and seven communities, that tradition isn’t likely to end any time soon. For more information on McLendon Hardware, a PPG Pittsburgh Paints dealer, visit

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