Angelic Chocolates: Heart Healthy Treats

When Stephanie Irish met Scott, their connection was instantaneous. They were both in the Marine Corps and while they spent a lot of time apart, they were constantly thinking of ways to say, “I love you.” For Stephanie, she turned to chocolate. After all, what’s more romantic than made-from-scratch, hand-poured chocolates?

Stephanie and Scott spent 10 loving years together before she lost him in the war. Losing Scott was tremendously difficult and she needed a way to cope with her loss. Once again, she turned to chocolate. She opened Angelic Chocolates in September of 2011. Her new business venture has allowed her to move on from tragedy, yet she has her chocolates to remind her of her beloved Scott every day.

So far, business has been good to Stephanie. One of the reasons for Stephanie’s success is her baking process – she bakes every piece of chocolate with love. Speaking of love, she bakes heart healthy chocolates that her Williamsburg, Va. community raves about. I know what you’re thinking – heart healthy chocolates? I’m sure those taste incredible. Believe it or not, they actually do! Stephanie only uses the finest and freshest ingredients. She even grinds her own cocoa beans!

The taste speaks for itself, but even Stephanie’s molds are impressive and unique. Stephanie has a mold for every occasion and even if she doesn’t have what you’re looking for, she can create it. From statues of liberty to coins, she’s made it all.

Stephanie’s caring is not limited solely to her clients – she even makes tasty treats for their pets! Stephanie’s Jack Russell Terrier/sales associate, Kaluha, has her own line of products, Kaluha’s Corner.

One of the many reasons to purchase from Angelic Chocolates and so many other locally owned businesses is that Stephanie gives back to her community. More than ten percent of her profits go back to the fifteen non-profit organizations Stephanie supports.

If every family in the country spent $100 of their Valentine’s Day shopping budget at locally owned, independent businesses over $7.8 billion* would be directly returned to local communities. And while there may only be a few days left until Valentine’s Day, you have a lifetime to show your locally owned businesses some love. Businesses like Angelic Chocolates need your support and by supporting them, you’re supporting yourself too – local businesses reinvest in their communities at a 60 percent higher rate than mass merchants and online retailers.

*Based on Civic Economics Andersonville Study of Retail Economics: When you spend $100 at an independent business, $68 returns to the local economy versus $43 when spent with a national chain. Based on U.S. Census projection of 115 million households.

Angelic Chocolates

Kaluha getting ready for the big day

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